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Thought it had been cured by now? Still no known cause. Still no cure. Still quickly fatal. Still outrageous.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do We Have A Cluster Next To The Palm Trees In Our Own Back Yard?

Does the most dangerous job in space exploration not involve being an astronaut?

Can we start counting noses now, CDC?

Do you think real estate prices around Titusville and Cape Canaveral just plummeted?

Should a veteran who worked at the Kennedy Space Center get extra benefits for double jeopardy?

Do we ask a lot of questions?


  1. I sure hope now the CDC cares enough to implement the national ALS Registry that they have been working on for the last 3 years. Unfortunately the registry development exceeds the life span of many people with ALS.

    I guess having ALS has made me impatient.

  2. 18 US astronauts have died in flight. 24 cases of ALS near the space center. It appears that the problem on the ground exceeds our worst space disasters.

  3. Advocates, please consider forwarding the link to this news coverage to ABC affiliates in your area. So far this story has had little media bounce, and it's a rather interesting story to have go plop.