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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Are We About To Lose A Powerful Voice?

In this morning's WSJ, there is an article on the dark outlook for the baseball beat writers. Those are the same people who wrote about Curt Schilling and Catfish Hunter and Lou Gehrig. They helped advocacy by simply covering the news of a sport that has been so intertwined with ALS.

An excerpt:

The Wall Street Journal
APRIL 7, 2009
Baseball Writers Brace for the End
As Newspapers Cut Back, Press Boxes Grow Lonelier; How a Venerable Institution Lost Its Way

By Russell Adams and Tim Marchman

Baseball's independent press corps, once the most powerful in American sports, is fading. As newspapers cut budgets and payrolls, the press boxes at major league ballparks are becoming increasingly lonely places, signaling a future when some games may be chronicled only by wire services, house organs and Web writers watching the games on television.

"I certainly recognize where things are going," says Jack O'Connell, secretary of the Baseball Writers Association of America, the venerable 101-year-old membership organization for the profession. "I certainly see the dark clouds."

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