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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Claire Collier Set A High Standard For ALS Advocacy

ALSadvocacy didn't realize the whole story of Claire Collier until her obituary came up this week.

Here's the obituary.

Here's a recap of the Supreme Court case that she pursued.

Claire Collier certainly casts a tall shadow over a lot of our simple advocacy efforts. On her own she did more than many of us dream of doing.


  1. If the Supreme Court were made up of eight women and just one old guy, do you think that case might have come out differently?

  2. I just came upon this site by chance... Thank you very much for your comments and for posting Claire's story. Although she is not with us anymore, her spirit, grace and strength will always will. We are still hoping that this Bill passes and that no one else has to suffer such unfair circumstances.
    Nuria S. Gormley (Claire's sister-in-law)