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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are We Stuck In First Gear?

ALSspreadtheword has some commentary this morning that might be of interest to those who are going to advocacy day... and perhaps to those who aren't going this year but might consider the trek in the future --

Please keep working on ways to expand and diversify the base of active ALS advocates.  In theory we should have a base of very active advocates that grows and grows; however, we've not been very good at that in the past.  It's like we're stuck in a rut doing what we've always done, relying heavily on people with ALS at a moment in time to tell their stories.   That is certainly important.

We also need to get many others off of the bench and into the game.  It's not like we only have one bat for the whole team.

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  1. It's actually easier in many ways for people who have lost loved ones to ALS to be active advocates. They need to be encouraged.