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Monday, May 2, 2011

They're On The Road Again

Here is a nice ALS Awareness Month shout-out for Steve Franks who is the ultimate ALS awareness advocate --

After its downtown Chicago debut this week, the display will move on to Washington, DC, next week for three full days.

Once people see the exhibit, they will never forget ALS!

Here's the schedule --

For advocates attending the conference and activities in Washington, DC next week, here are some suggestions. Sunday (Mothers' Day) the Navy Memorial location is not far from the conference hotel and is beautiful setting. On Tuesday when you call on legislators on Capitol Hill, please invite the staff members and legislators you meet to stop by the display at lunch time or any time during the day. It's an easy walk from their office buildings, and once they see the display, they will remember ALS. That spot just west of the Capitol Building makes a beautiful photo stop for advocates to enjoy themselves.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who will be in the Chicago area this week or in Washington, DC, next week. It's a special ALS awareness opportunity and a chance to add some punch to ALS Awareness Month.

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