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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oprah Is About To Give Coburn A Lesson in Democracy

News reports indicate that Oprah's show on Monday the 15th will be dedicated to her campaign against child predators. The show will include an opportunity for viewers to change the law. Senate web servers are being geared up for a barrage of emails from Oprah's viewers to demand passage of S. 1738 The Combating Child Exploitation Act

S. 1738 is one of the pieces of legislation that has been blocked by the Coburn hold. It would appear that it may be freed after one of the most influential women in the media tells millions of viewers about the situation.,2933,421721,00.html

It appears that Oprah isn't asking for the S. 3297 Advancing America's Priorities Act (which includes The Combating Child Exploitation Act along with the ALS Registry Act and a few other bipartisan pieces of legislation that Coburn decided to hold). Unfortunately for ALS, it looks like her viewers will be focused only on passing S. 1738 and not on passing the package.

Oh, that Oprah might ask for the S. 3297 package and get The Combating Child Exploitation Act and The ALS Registry Act and the other non-controversial, bipartisan items in that package that got the Coburn hold.

In any case, this is a wonderful opportunity for the world to learn about the Coburn tactic, especially against legislation that will help those in our country who need help the most.

Go, Oprah, and please tell the world that there is an ALS Registry Act that is gasping for passage before this session ends, too.

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