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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Circle Your Wagons for the Next Congress

If we're unable to get the Senate to vote on The Advancing America's Priorities Act or to get Coburn to release The ALS Registry Act from his talons' hold before the end of 2008, we might as well start lining up some friends to the cause when we have to start from scratch in the next Congress. Please check out Politico's list of hotly contested races below. If you are from one of those states and one of those people has been a friend to the ALS cause in the past, please consider voting for him or her. If one of those people has not been helpful, please consider the alternative. We need for our legislators to know that there are career consequences to having deaf ears when it comes to ALS. Here are some close races where every hanging chad will be important.

From Politico --

2008's Hot House, Senate races
By: Tim Grieve September 9, 2008 06:42 AM EST

Eight weeks from today, voters will elect 435 House members and 35 senators.


Below, Politico brings you the top races that could reshape the next Congress.
Mark Kirk vs. Dan Seals
Pennsylvania: Paul E. Kanjorski vs. Lou Barletta
California: Charlie Brown vs. Tom McClintock
New Mexico: Harry Teague vs. Ed Tinsley
New Jersey: Linda Stender vs. Leonard Lance
Florida: Tom Feeney vs. Suzanne Kosmas
North Carolina: Elizabeth Dole vs. Kay Hagan
New Hampshire: Carol Shea-Porter vs. Jeb Bradley
Mississippi: Ronnie Musgrove vs. Roger Wicker
Colorado: Betsy Markey vs. Marilyn Musgrave

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