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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Save Time and Travel Expense - Make an Impact!

The Senate is on its annual August break. Most Senators are back in their home states.

Please consider making an appointment to see your Senators (especially those who voted not to vote on the Advancing America's Priorities Act before the break). This is a whole lot easier (and a lot less expensive) than trekking to Washington in May for Advocacy Day, and your Senators will remember constituents who care enough to show up and talk to them at home.

The request can be simple. There is a need to collect and retain data on people with ALS so that the disease can be figured out. As says, "How can we connect the dots if we are not even collecting the dots?"

If the Senate can simply get over partisan bickering long enough to vote to vote on the Advancing America's Priorities Act, we can get the deal done. Yes, they need to vote to agree to vote on the Act. If they think that it's politically advantageous to be a party to legislative gridlock, we need to tell them that they're wrong.

That's it. It's that simple. Please ask for even five minutes on your Senators' calendars while they're at home on break. Chances for getting real Senator face time are a lot better at home than in DC. You could make the difference!

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