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Monday, March 4, 2013

Think Pink Ink

"The Pink Sheet" is a trade publication for pharmaceutical companies that commands significant attention.  Back in the olden days, the sheets were all pink and were routed around pharma corporate offices with routing slips.  Publications were of a variety of colors back then.  One's inbox could look like Monopoly money, but you always reached for the pink ones when they arrived.  They contained insider news that was pertinent.

In the last month there have been two large articles in "The Pink Sheet" revolving around ALS.  That's huge, if only to have a big unmet need in front of those who can allocate resources to pounce on an opportunity.

Take a look --

Yes, it's an expensive read.  If you know anyone at a pharmaceutical company, you might get them to loan you an e-copy (please make sure that they read the articles and tell all of their associates about them, too).

The fact that ALS is at last getting the attention of the pharmaceutical industry is all good.

March 4 11am EST - LATE FLASH!
ALS appears in "The Pink Sheet" yet again, with a thorough recap of last week's FDA hearing on ALS. Wow.

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