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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Patient-focused? Fiddle Dee Dee

I submitted an online request for a prescription refill last week.  It seemed like such an efficient way to give the doctor's office what they needed in writing so that they could process at their convenience.

Their online request form was a little awkward for the many people whose health plans expect the use of a mail-order pharmacy.

It was pre-coded "I will pick up at pharmacy."  I simply entered the name and out-of-state address of the well-known mail-order pharmacy along with their fax number.

My phone rang on Sunday morning (overtime?).  It was the nurse from the physician's office.  She wanted to know why I had said that I would pick up the prescription at an out-of-state mail-order pharmacy.  Perhaps she was concerned that I'm losing my marbles.  She clearly had never looked at the prescription renewal form that has "I will pick up at pharmacy" precoded.

That transaction that should have been extremely efficient was much more complicated and expensive than it needed to be, and it certainly wasn't patient-focused.

The problem wasn't a doddering patient.  It was a poorly designed form and a healthcare deliverer who wasn't familiar with it.

I wonder if anyone acted on that experience to fix the problems... or will they leave that to the customer satisfaction survey people?

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