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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Win A Championship This Week, Then Win A Championship For Life

Dear Butler Hoops Team,

We heard on WIBC radio yesterday that Matt White, a Butler alumnus with Lou Gehrig's Disease, is going to address you before the game on Saturday (as he has done before ).

He can teach you about focus and courage and motivation and defeating adversity and how important the spirit within is to your true success in life. He knows. He must be courageous and strong every day just to do the things that the rest of us take for granted. His brain is as sharp as ever. Pay attention to that part. He's a perfectly capable human being who has much to teach us all, but we have to listen to him in special ways.

So please listen to Matt White, then go out and stick to your knitting and win your next game, then finish your educations, and perhaps take on some even bigger challenges. There are other big games on other big stages and people's lives are at stake.

Here's a great movie plot for you... Butler wins the NCAA championship then a Butler hoops star goes on to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine for curing ALS.

Act I: Practice, Go to Class, Beat Michigan State

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