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Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Is Powerful Medicine To Wake Up Some ALS Awareness

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Following is from a communication from the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations:

We are pleased to inform you about a billboard awareness campaign that the MND Association and MND Scotland are jointly running for two weeks from Monday 15 June. Our MND Awareness week (20-28 June) and Global Awareness Day (21 June) both fall within the promotion period. The campaign is based on the Sarah’s Story awareness advert which I know some of you saw at the International Alliance meeting in Birmingham last year. The copy is written from the perspective of the real “Sarah” who was the body double for the actress and highlights the fact that 5 people a day die from MND in the UK. As you will see from the attached image, the idea is to drive traffic to the Sarah’s Story microsite to view the film. You will also see from the attachment that there are two versions – one for the MND Association and an alternative for MND Scotland, showing our respective website details, logo and charity number. (Just scroll down when you open the attachment and you will come to the Scottish version).

The billboards will be located at 18 London underground stations and 82 sites at mainline rail stations across England, Wales and Scotland.
We are very fortunate that the billboard space has been donated to us free of charge and we have only had to make a small contribution towards printing costs.

A media campaign is planned for both England/Wales and Scotland to support the billboard launch. We are also using a viral email campaign. All staff and volunteers are being asked to email the poster images to five contacts and ask them to visit the Sarah’s Story website. They are urged to pass the email on to five more contacts and in turn to urge their contacts to send it to five more and so on and so on. We are also both exploring the option for placing support advertising in relevant newspapers.

If anyone would like to use this poster concept and adapt it for your country, then please let us know and we’ll be very pleased to help.

With very best wishes,

Craig Stockton and Donna Cresswell
CEO Director of Communications
MND Scotland MND Association
Tel: (+ 44) 141 945 1077 Tel: (+ 44) 1604 611837

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