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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Curtain Up! Light The Lights! We've Got Nothing To Hit But The Heights!

Tonight is the night for the Tony Awards.

In an interesting alignment of the stars, we have Angela Lansbury, national spokesperson for the ALS Association, and Jane Fonda, a lighting rod personality who plays a woman with ALS in her play, both nominated.

Tonight it's likely that the nation's eyes will be on one or both of them.

Will either have the chutzpah to go off script and mention the disease that gets no attention?  Or better yet, did anybody work with them to get ALS "on script" for tonight?

Let's hope there's a reason for hope that ALS will come out of the shadows and into the lights tonight.


  1. Oh, that the ALSA national spokesperson would have written "K ALS" on her shoe or something before getting her Tony!

  2. Ouch!