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Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Need To Think Of Clever Ways To Make A Big ALS Impression

...rather than being just another one of those "letter" diseases with the impossible name.

Put your creative brains to work.

For example, at the ALS Advocacy Conference in May, what if every 90 minutes each participant were handed a wristband to remember the precious American life that was lost to ALS in that short time period? I'll bet you could find volunteers to leave bags of wristbands on hotel room doors for the six PALS lost while attendees were sleeping. Between the start of the conference on Sunday afternoon and the beginning to the appointments Tuesday on Capitol Hill, attendees would be sporting 28 wristbands. How would that be for a memorable conversation starter?

And perhaps some creative person could print up some fake lottery tickets showing the astronomical odds of hitting the Powerball drawing... along with the not-so-astronomical odds of hitting the ALS drawing. Those should get some attention if passed out on the street or in the halls of Congress. That would be the lottery ticket that nobody would want.

Keep thinking.

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