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Monday, February 23, 2009

The "Keep Going Hall Of Fame" Seems Perfect For Some Of Our PALS and CALS

This Hall of Fame is just waiting for some of our people who take a licking and keep on ticking! ...and it would make such a great story.

Entries Wanted for the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame

Written by Sunrise on KGMB9 -
February 23, 2009 08:30 AM

National Baseball Hall of Famer, Cal Ripken, Jr. is scouting for all stars with never-quit spirit. He's turned his sights outside the stadium to find everyday people who live their lives with determination, perseverance and a nonstop energy to be the next members of the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame.
Ripken, Jr. is helping Energizer make the fourth annual call for entries for the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame program. Do you know someone who continually goes above and beyond? Someone who perseveres through life's everyday challenges? Someone who has shown unparalleled determination and tireless spirit? If you know someone who is "… like that Energizer Bunny…" now is your opportunity to honor them. Nominations can be made at now through March 31, 2009 by submitting an essay about why your candidate "keeps going" and deserves to be in the Keep Going Hall of Fame.
In 2006 Ripken, Jr. was named the first celebrity member and spokesperson of the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame. "I am honored be a member of the Keep Going Hall of Fame," said Ripken. "Throughout my career and life I have been constantly inspired by the passion and spirit of those around me. I'm excited to help celebrate others throughout the U.S. with those same qualities."

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