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Saturday, January 31, 2009

New York Times Reviews Paulson Book

And they say it's a "must-read."

Robert E. Paulson’s “Not in Kansas Anymore: A Memoir of the Farm, New York City and Life with A.L.S.” (Gemma B. Publishing, $19.95) is an inspirational must-read record of one man’s indomitability with the support of his wife, his family and his friends.
But he lived and wrote this memoir on an eye-responsive computer keyboard. The “diagnosis of this disease need not be a death sentence,” he concludes, adding: “Life is everything. And what is it but the ability to feel, think and communicate? Thanks to today’s technologies, A.L.S. can’t take any of these from you.”

Echoing Gehrig, Mr. Paulson, who is 71, writes: “I am a lucky man.”

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  1. Great review, and in New York times, too!