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Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Have Failed


Yesterday a young mother lost her battle (and I don't use that word lightly) with ALS.  She was a great mom.  I can think of nothing worse than for a young mother to have a disease that steals her ability to give a hug or see her young children through all the challenges and joys of growing up.  ALS is an evil disease.

And I also saw the farewell posting of a man with ALS.  Those happen more often than you might imagine.  The first time I saw one almost two decades ago, I said out loud, "No!"  And I've said it many times since.

So what now?

Tomorrow isn't just another day.  It is a day when families are stuck with huge holes where loved ones had lived vibrantly just a few months before.  It is a day when ALS-caused grief and immense challenges will permeate lives.

And we go on.  And our lives go on.  And we feel good about projects that are self-described as "promising" and "exciting" (those words that have been cheapened over decades of ALS failures).

This seems like the material that would have inspired a parable a couple thousand years ago.

We all need to look in the mirror today and say, "We have failed... epically."

And now do some things differently.

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