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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Are The Tempo and Pace and Tone?

Following is from an interview with Adriana Karaboutis, the CIO of Dell Computers, in the March 9 Wall Street Journal:
WSJ: Before joining Dell, you managed IT at General Motors and Ford Motor Co. Is being an IT leader in a tech company different from being one in the automotive industry?
MS. KARABOUTIS: In the tech industry, you have three to six months to build products. You have a 24- to 30-month product life cycle in the automotive industry. That sets a certain tempo and pace and tone within the company.
What are the tempo and pace and tone of those dealing with the fight against ALS?
Our organizations are good at annual things, be they meetings or reports or fundraisers.
Sure, there are other shorter periodic reports and supports provided to those dealing with ALS, but for someone in the midst of ALS, life is on a whole different wavelength.
And if those working with an annual tempo and pace miss a mark, are expectations for results just pushed out another year?  Is there an undertone that there will always be new cases of ALS that will benefit, whenever the results may come.
It's time to make the industry of ALS one that works at a different tempo and pace and tone. 

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