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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Ultimate Sacrifice That Keeps On Giving

Today we remember and honor those who gave their lives to keep our nation safe.

The thousands of cemetery flags speak volumes.

There are thousands of other veterans whom we must not forget.  They are making their ultimate sacrifice after their combat days have been completed.  They are dealing with an after-effect of military service -- ALS.  It's a difficult path to death.  It can devastate a family that has already given way more than its share to our nation.

The ALS-military connection isn't some fringe theory like those we hear about cell phones or things they put in our city water.  It's a scientific fact, shown in repeated studies.  The reason for this correlation between military service and ALS is still a mystery.

This is a message that we have failed to deliver well.  It should outrage and concern every American.

Thanks for paying attention and spreading the information.  There are thousands making their ultimate sacrifices long after the wars.

We owe them excellent care.  We owe them an explanation.  So far, we have delivered neither.

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