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Friday, March 29, 2013

This Is Almost As Good As A T-Shirt

Well, maybe not as good as a t-shirt, but it's not bad.

Last year for ALS Advocacy Day I had some nice buttons made up for PALS who had self-enrolled in the CDCs National ALS Registry or who were in clinical trials (or both!).  The idea was for them to let their peers and others know of the good deeds they had done.  This encourages others to participate and starts some good conversations.  It was nice to see so many wearing them when we went to Capitol Hill.  They are large and readable buttons.

I still have some buttons left and would love for them to find PALS who will wear them proudly.  I would also love for them to find PALS and support group leaders who will help spread them to other PALS and will help spread the word on the importance of Registry self-enrollment and in clinical trial participation. 

All I ask in return is that they be put to work and worn by those in the Registry or a trial.  If anyone would send me some pictures of PALS wearing them, you can be assured that they'll be posted.

Please send a snail mail address and how many Registry buttons and how many clinical trial buttons you need to alsadvocacy at gmail dot com.  You can be assured that your address will be deleted after the buttons are sent.  I'm just an individual trying to spread Registry and clinical trial awareness.

While supplies last.  Please help put these to good use!  If I win the lottery, there will be t-shirts ;-)

Thanks, all.

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