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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Voting Is A Right

Next week we get to exercise that precious right.

People with ALS have special challenges in getting to the polls and in marking ballots. ALS steals much from people, but it cannot steal that right to vote.

Last week I inquired of the PVA about voting rights for people with physical challenges. They were kind enough to send this very helpful response --

There are plenty of resources to help people to register and vote even if they have troubles with disability or a chronic condition.

First of all a person has the right to have a person of their choice in the voting booth with them. They are also allowed to take assistive technology into the booth if it helps them communicate and or cast the ballot. Poll workers in general are aware of disability issues and have been trained over the years, but you can still find a few "bad apples" who are not sensitive to the issue. Assertive self advocacy in a non confrontational way is always best at expressing your rights.

Please look at the below links to find out more info about accessible voting:

Thanks to the Paralyzed Veterans of America for the help. Veterans have given much so that we might have the right to vote, and we all should remember that next Tuesday.

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