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Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Small Step Is A Giant Leap

Over the years I've been critical of the International ALS MND Symposium not embracing patient attendance and participation.  Today, we see a small step forward in a direction to fix that problem.

The Symposium is an old-school scientific meeting.  The ALS topics discussed are broad and very

In the past, if anyone with ALS has chosen to attend, it has required payment of the substantial registration fee (plus a separate fee for an accompanying caregiver).  Add travel and hotel expenses, and there has been a large financial barrier between people with ALS and the Symposium.

This year there is a new program to help mitigate some of the financial barriers --

This is a giant leap toward having people with ALS in the midst of some important discussions.

Anyone with ALS who is interested in the science now has a chance to be in the center of the newest science in Boston in December.  This is a big meeting typically filled with big players in ALS research and with big announcements.

People with ALS are notoriously bright and high achievers.  Finally, a step has been taken that can make them part of the scientific discourse.

Please apply if you have ALS and are interested in the science.

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