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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Principal Sets The Tone For The School

I learned a big lesson as a child.  It has served me well in life.

I'm a Boomer. Our grade school was in an area that experienced astronomical growth of families and homes.  Our classes were large and the students and families were serious about education in spite of diverse challenges.

We were blessed with excellent principals who were all business about providing quality life and
academic educations... except for a couple of years.  She was a well-intentioned but not very good principal.  The new policies were nutty.  Changes were ill-conceived and short-sighted.  We could have unraveled as a school.  We didn't.

It took strong, engaged parents who picked their battles carefully and taught their kids that the principal isn't always right, but she's the principal.

It took strong, competent teachers who cared more about teaching than administrivia.

It took students who could see what was going on but not let a principal stand between them and a good education.

Our parents addressed concerns quietly and directly and effectively.

It only lasted a couple of years. We survived.  It was a good life lesson for me.

I have since seen schools and organizations and businesses where the tone set at the top has not been good.  It takes a lot of work in the trenches to overcome that and not unravel completely.  We can't keep our eyes off of what's important... not for a second.

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