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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What Would You Fight For? This!

I was more than pleased to receive the email below.

To have neuroscience students interested in this beast of a mystery disease is so important! And those of us fortunate enough to be graduates of the University of Notre Dame have a big added dose of joy to see them raising awareness, research funds, and their prayers to fight ALS.  It is a special place and so many alumni, family members, and friends of the school (and its rivals) have been lost to ALS.

Please participate.  The campus is gorgeous in the fall and is not far from a lot of major cities in the midwest.  And the t-shirts are awesome.  Please support these students.  Thank you.  Go Irish!  Beat ALS.

Hi!  My name is Chris Ferari and I am a junior at the University of Notre Dame as well as one of the officers of the new Neuroscience Club on campus.  I am very excited to announce that this year the Neuroscience Club will be hosting the 1st Annual Notre Dame ALS Walk, co-sponsored by the College of Science!  This scenic approx. 2.7 mile walk around campus will begin and end at Jordan Hall of Science and include a short group prayer in the grotto.  Here are the details of the event:
 When: October 31st, 9-11 AM
Where: Across campus, beginning and ending at Jordan Hall of Science
Who: Notre Dame students, faculty, and friends
 We are incredibly excited about starting this walk on campus, and we hope that it can become a yearly opportunity for the Notre Dame community to raise money for a damaging neurological disorder that has affected many members of the Notre Dame family.  Please consider donating to or attending this special event!  Thanks in advance for your support!
 Go Irish!!!
Chris Ferari

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