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Monday, March 30, 2015

Shoot The Ball!

I am always amazed at how different the game of basketball is in the last 30 seconds of play versus the rest of the game.

During the first 3+ quarters, well-coached teams bring the ball up the floor safely, read the defense, set up the play, and are very patient until there is a good shot.

During that last 30 seconds, the team that is trailing conserves the clock with a variety of tactics, and sometimes there are fouls and sometimes there are shots taken that aren't perfect looks, but you have to shoot the ball if you're behind.  You have to do things that you would never do in the first half.  To stand deliberately with the ball in your hands as the clock runs out will never win a game for the trailing team.

We have an FDA drug-approval system that is fantastic for a lot of diseases.  It keeps us safe.  It insists on scientific evidence and it takes the time needed to test things the right way.  It takes a lot of time.

And then we have people with ALS who are losing the game and the clock is quickly running out. They simply want to take a shot.  Sure, the methods and processes aren't as good as what they would have used during the first 3+ quarters of their lives, but sometimes you have to adapt and learn to use the clock you have.  You have to use the rules that will let you get the most out of that last 30 seconds.  Accelerated Approval comes to mind.

It may be a rim shot or it may be an airball, but if you don't take the shot, it will never go in the hoop before the buzzer.  Ask Reggie Miller.

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