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Friday, January 9, 2015

Follow The Buckets

It's not easy.

Already, only a few months after so many people dumped ice and donated so generously, we're thoroughly confused by press releases and announcements, especially those related to new research grants.

We have an information problem.

It should be easy.  It's 2015.

Individuals investors with even the most modest brokerage accounts can look up their portfolio components and see totals and allocations and results very easily.  It's 2015.

Individual donors with investments in ALS research should be able to do the same with every research grant made with their donations.  That's their portfolio.

  • What ever happened with the 2013 grant made the XYZ University Stem Cell Lab?
  • What's the total year-to-date new money granted?
  • How much in total has been invested in ABC Labs in the last three years?
  • What was the outcome of the ZZZ clinical trial that we helped fund?
  • What percentage of 2014 grants was related to DEF technologies?
  • How much is budgeted for research in 2015 and not yet committed?
It should be easy.  After all, it's 2015.  Today for some inexplicable reason, it's impossible.

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