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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Was Basketball A Better Game Before The Shot Clock?

Were plays executed better?  Hardly.  Were more clever strategies employed?  No. Playcalling was quite the opposite.

Was football a better game before fans were allowed to see the play clock?  Not really.  Do play clocks spoil games?  No, in fact they have really added some ingenuity to modern football. Ask Peyton Manning.

Are golfers better when the PGA ignores speed-of-play rules?  Golfers never think they're playing slowly and they never seem have enough time to read a shot and rethink and rethink and change their minds and reread the shot.  Are slow players' shots better?  No.

Time taken for work and decisions has a bad habit of expanding to fit the time allowed, and the longer they take, the more "comfortable" the decisions become.

Sometimes an acknowledgement of extraordinary urgency can push someone to be creative and fresh and come up with decisions and execution that open new possibilities.

ALS is a disease of extraordinary urgency.  Time for a two-minute offense!

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