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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Costco Knows

Costco knows what I eat.  Costco knows if I'm on a diet or am not feeling well.  Costco knows if I'm on a fitness kick.  Costco knows where I live and where I travel.  Costco knows if I'm having a party.  Costco knows.

What if every physician were given a stack of coupons for people diagnosed with ALS that would give them free Costco cards.

$50 per card * n PALS ... we're probably talking about something under $1 million a year.  That's a tenth of what we're asking for the CDC ATSDR ALS Registry for another year.

And Costco can retrieve data and report quickly.

And PALS and families would enjoy those deals on big packages of things.  And doctors feel like heros to patients who get little good news after an ALS diagnosis.

And just maybe we would get some timely insights on how many people have ALS and where they live.

(This was recycled from a 2007 blog post concept, but unfortunately it still works.)

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