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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some Of You Missed The Best Super Bowl Party Ever

The crescendo started on Friday, then through Saturday, and it hit the heights on Sunday.  All day on Sunday single voices passionate about ALS and the #empowering Super Bowl ad told their social media friends who told their kids who told their friends who told their neighbors who told their relatives who told their co-workers...  And on it went.

And the #empowering Microsoft team listened, and they talked to us!

This was ALS awareness to the hilt.

Live tweeting has never been so much fun and so important.  As we look back at the reach of a bunch of online individuals and a major corporation working together to spread the message of #empowering people with ALS, it was a pretty amazing day.

Thanks, all.  Thanks, Microsoft.  Thanks, Team Gleason.

And if you missed the party, well... you just had to be there.

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