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Thursday, January 3, 2013

OK, Which Are The Stones That Have Already Been Turned?

Every day people with ALS and their families and friends search for hope.  They search for things to try.  They search for medical research that merits their donations.  They search.  They try. They invest their lives and their money in formal and informal research. They don't live long.  They die.  
For every person lost in the relentless stream of funerals, ALS recruits someone new who searches anew with family and friends to find the most promising things to try and invest in.

If Doctor Google were to be candid with us, we would find that the new recruits search over and over and over about many of the same things that have been around for decades.  The constant stream of ALS rookies asks the same questions year after year.  They experiment with the same concepts for decades.  It's terribly hard for them to know what's really new and what has been tried already.

Who can organize the pile of rocks and tell them which are the unturned stones and which have already been exposed as having no value for those with ALS?  Who can tell them which stones have scientific promise?  Where is a simple place that they can go to find the results of the medical research that families and friends have been funding for decades? 

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