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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blenders Are A Mixed Blessing

Beautiful dinners like this are meant to be savored, one bite at a time.

The whole is greater than any one ingredient.  There may be parts you don't like, but the adult palate tries everything and may leave a few things on the plate that don't hit the spot.

It would be a taste waste to put that entire dinner in the blender before eating.  Certain flavors would overcome all the others and some of the subtle, yet delightful, nuances would be lost in the puree. The textures and colors would be missed.  You might not even be aware of the foods that you dislike.

People with ALS are often forced to having the courses of a beautiful dinner smooshed into a blender.

That doesn't mean that it's right to smoosh their voices and ideas in a blender, too.  They have delightful insights (along with a few that may not be your cup of tea).  Some ideas from people with ALS may not be drug developers' or regulators' favorites, and there may be some subtle ones that are truly enlightening.  It would be wrong to force them to be a part of some kind of "idea puree" rather than having their individual voices heard.

As anyone with ALS will tell you, never puree the food before you absolutely have to.  The same holds  true for their ideas for drug development and approval.

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