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Sunday, September 16, 2012

In What League Would This Quarterback Keep His Job?

Imagine a quarterback who constantly throws the ball five yards behind the receiver.  The receivers run their routes and are on their marks despite being mauled by a vicious opponent.  Still the quarterback delivers too little, too late.

Would this be tolerated in the NFL? Hardly. Fans and owners expect more of players and coaches.
How about the NCAA?  Nope.  Alumni and subway alumni and administrators expect coaches to coach and players to deliver.
Pop Warner?  Even with the kids, the expectation is for improvement (or perhaps a change to a more suitable position).

What about the "ALS League?"

Healthcare professionals constantly throw the ball five yards behind their ALS receivers.  Sometimes the play clock runs out before they even get the ball snapped. Our quarterbacks stay in the game and collect their paychecks even if they're delivering too little, too late to their patients and caregivers.

We need more accountability to raise their game... or perhaps find them more suitable positions.

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