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Thursday, July 5, 2012

And Herein Lies The Problem, Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg

A tweet just came through from some folks at USA Today @kimpainter @lifelinelive that points out the reason why ALS advocates are outraged with your ALS reference in the new movie Ted .

Here is the problem --!/search/realtime/From%20one%20man%20to%20another,%20I%20hope%20you%20get%20Lou%20Gehrig's%20disease

Go ahead and click on that link.  Sure looks like a line from the movie caught on.

Perhaps it's time for you to meet some people with ALS so that you can understand why seeing a list of flippant tweets like that is so wrong.

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  1. This unbelievable, how could you think it would not offend somebody. I lost all respect I had for Mark and what little I had left for Mr. Seth. I lost a cousin to ALS and don't remember anything funny about it. Wally is in Heaven and he's not happy right now! Shula be ashamed and a donation is a good way to start,,,,million minimum! Bastards will feel dif when hey have a family member stricken w a terrible disease. I pray for you , you need it!