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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ask The Experts, But Don't Count On Asking Too Much

Tomorrow night (U.S. time) the big international symposium on ALS kicks off, and the traditional "Ask the Experts" session is being hosted by MND Australia, the host organization. This year we are pleased to see that people will be able to participate online.

Take a look at that agenda. An expert moderator and four subject-area experts, each of whom will speak for 20 minutes. They have left a whole 60 minutes at the end of the agenda for Q and A.

Ok, experts, let's think about this. The title of the session is "Ask the Experts," yet you're doing most of the talking. The asking part isn't until the very end, and if it's anything like last year's session, there won't be time for over a couple of questions. Perhaps "Listen To The Experts And Ask A Question If You're Incredibly Lucky" wasn't a catchy enough title?

Let's hope that the experts keep things on schedule and don't have another commitment that will keep them from answering all the questions that may be sent their way.

People with ALS are constantly fighting the ticking clock and a healthcare delivery system that doesn't listen. Hmmm.

For those in the U.S. who are interested, timing is 10pm start EST... Access information is can be found with the agenda at the above link.

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