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Saturday, August 13, 2011

THIS Is Why DOD Medical Research Makes Sense

Earlier this year Senator John McCain said,

“The aspects of the Defense Appropriations bill that need to be taken away, eliminated, are $300 million for medical research. I am sure the medical research is important, but it has nothing to do with national defense.”

Now take a look at this Marine's obituary --

Joe Moser is exactly why the DOD should be doing medical research.

If a defect in airplanes were causing those serving our country to be killed, you can bet the DOD would swarm over that problem, and rightly so. If a defect in a rifle were causing our soldiers to be killed, you can bet the DOD would be investigating and correcting that problem. If uniforms were causing horrible rashes, surely the DOD would be figuring that problem out. Why would we ignore ALS and breast cancer?

When service-related diseases are killing our Marines, medical research is a defense issue.

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  1. It is absolutely frightening to have our legislators so ignorant on such critical matters. I fear this war hero has outlived his ability to represent us on those defending us. Go home John or to one of the many you own.