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Friday, July 1, 2011

We'll Never Hit A Home Run If We Don't Swing The Bat

Two years ago this weekend something happened in the United States that was wonderful. As we approached the Independence Day celebrations, traffic on this site was astronomical. People were searching for information on ALS. Each major network was doing news features on ALS, Lou Gehrig, or the 4 ALS celebrations being held on July 4 in all of our Major League Baseball parks. It was a good buzz that permeated our nation on a weekend when we feel good about being a nation that can do good things. It raised awareness of Lou Gehrig's Disease in a generation of baseball fans who weren't all that familiar with Lou Gehrig. It was a weekend when people talked to each other about ALS.

Michael Goldsmith was a remarkable man who made all of this happen with the wonderful help of Major League Baseball.

We need to rekindle the spirit delivery of Michael Goldsmith and make ALS an important part of every July 4 in our country. It's not about short-term fundraising. It's about raising ALS on America's radar on an important day when baseball and good works are as important as fireworks. It takes media savvy and interorganizational cooperation and hard work.

It's interesting. People like Michael Goldsmith with ALS understand the "how" and "why" of ALS awareness. Unfortunately they die all too quickly. Michael Goldsmith pitched a nice fastball right down the center for us to hit out of the park. Our ALS organizations need to get the bats off the shoulders and learn how to hit a home run like Michael Goldsmith.

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