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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Ready For ALS Awareness, America!

The award-winning Piece by Piece display is going to hit the road in a big way in a few weeks to raise ALS awareness in two great American cities.

The display poignantly shows that ALS is stealing our loved ones piece by piece. It is a moving tribute to those dealing with ALS and to those we have lost to the disease. It starts conversations and it makes the public think.

On May 3-5 it will be at Daley Plaza in the heart of downtown Chicago. It will then head east to again be a part of the important ALS Advocacy Conference and Day in Washington, DC.

See last year's trip report.

On Sunday, May 8, the display will be shown at the Navy Memorial in Washington, directly on Pennsylvania Avenue, between the White House and the Capitol Building, immediately across the street from the National Archives.

On Monday, May 9, many of Washington's workers and tourists will experience the moving exhibit when the display is set up all day at Freedom Plaza at 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Finally, all day on Tuesday, May 10, as hundreds of advocates call on legislators on Capitol Hill, the exhibit will be displayed at a prominent Capitol Hill location. Details are coming soon.

If you are planning a trip to Advocacy Day, please plan to experience the exhibit. It is a fitting and effective awareness presence during an important time for ALS advocacy in our nation's capital. If you know people in Chicago or Washington, please let them know about the display. If you will be calling on legislators on Advocacy Day, please invite them and their staff members to stop by and experience Piece by Piece.

The ALS Association Florida Chapter will be putting on a lot of miles (and has done an amazing job of logistics) to spread ALS awareness. Steve Franks, a Floridian with ALS and an incredible commitment to raise awareness, leads the display volunteers wherever they go. We appreciate their significant efforts to bring Piece by Piece from the Sunshine State to Chicago and then to Washington to be a part of the important advocacy activities.

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  1. This edgy awareness display is not to be missed. PALS/CALS had a hand in developing this Florida ALS Association Chapter outside-the-box project. Once you see it you will not forget the journey ALS patients and their families are on. This should get even wider national exposure through the 39 other ALS chapters around the nation.