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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Best Predictor Of Future Behavior Is Past Behavior

That's one of those wise parenting expressions that may also be helpful as you consider who will earn your vote on Tuesday.

Here is a link to the members of the House of Representatives who were supportive of the ALS Registry Act as cosponsors several years ago.

Perhaps this information will be helpful as you make your decisions and exercise your right to vote.

If you know people who have participated in ALS advocacy day in Washington, you may be able to get some interesting insights from them on how they were received in their elected officials' offices and whether their modest requests for registry funding or ALS research received support. Advocacy day visits are where the rubber hits the road for ALS. Those expensive political ads with the Congressperson's family and dog and hugs mean nothing if you've ever been brushed off by a staffer who didn't want to listen. Those ugly ads (always with the most unflattering pictures) about gotcha voting histories mean nothing if you've ever had a good meeting with an elected official who listened and supported your modest requests for ALS research.

There are many important problems that our country faces. ALS is one that we don't face enough. Please consider ALS as you make your decisions and exercise your right to vote.

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