Lou Gehrig's Disease - Motor Neuron Disease - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Thought it had been cured by now? Still no known cause. Still no cure. Still quickly fatal. Still outrageous.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Will You Do To Observe ALS Awareness Month In The U.S. This May?

a. Enlighten just one person each day in May about ALS. Strike up a conversation. Mention that there is still no known cause and still no cure.

b. Follow the
Piece by Piece display as it goes from Florida to Washington, DC, to get the attention of those who work in and visit our nation's capital.

c. Sponsor a mannequin in the Piece by Piece display to remember someone lost to ALS. Expand the tribute and continue to honor a loved one.

d. Join people worldwide in prayer the weekend of May 7-9

e. Participate in the
ALSA Advocacy Conference and Day on Capitol Hill

f. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper explaining the urgency of dealing with the ALS problem, especially ALS in the military.

g. All of the above

Calling May "ALS Awareness Month" doesn't make it happen. We all need to raise the noise level about ALS so that the public understands the enormity of the problem.

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