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Friday, December 4, 2009

Curtain Up! Light The Lights! Take II

Rumor has it that on CBS Sunday Morning, Angela Lansbury will be interviewed by Katie Couric, and Ms. Lansbury's work for the ALS Association will be mentioned.

The great news is that Katie Couric understands ALS from her work with the Estess family and Project ALS! Here's hoping that they both badger away at our existing lack of ALS awareness and national resolve to find the cure.

Perhaps Angela Lansbury's work in the new production of Sondheim's "A Little Night Music," will earn her another Tony Award, and that this time we might see a red wristband and hear a mention of ALS on Tony night. In the meantime, we'll be watching on Sunday morning.

CBS has already covered the Sondheim Award to be presented to Angela in the DC area in April, 2010 (just few weeks before Advocacy Day).;contentBody Oh, that there might be some dramatic flair to give ALS a little splash and spotlight at that gala.


  1. What a disappointment. There was a tearful interchange on how special it is for Angela to give back via ALSA, but there was no mention of ALS itself. The spotlights stayed on Angela and never turned even a little to the diseaese. Was the sip of water simply a prop for a great actress?

    Is it possible that this "spokesperson" title gives Angela's community service resume more than she has been able to return to really raise ALS awareness?

  2. You'll never see "K ALS" handwritten on one of Angela's shoes.

    Thank God for Curt Schilling.

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  4. Lorraine says Thank God for special people like Angela Lansbury that is willing to speak about ALS. My husband & I have just lost a son with this disease and the one thing that stays with me is that through these last 8 months he never complained for what he had. His memory will stay in our hearts for a very long time to come. So once again thanks again for speaking out Angela on this May God Bless you in the days ahead