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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Drips Don't Add Up

Yesterday we received a promotional infographic -- for "Every Drop Adds Up" (a registered trademark of the ALS Association).

One drip caught my eye --

Whoa. The CDC's ALS Registry had nothing to do with the ice bucket challenge.  It had been going on for years and is completely funded by taxpayers.  We advocates are sent by the ALS Association to Capitol Hill every May to request those increased and generous funds.  And in 2014 and 2015, the ALS Association itself actually got $659,451 from the CDC to promote the Registry per  That would have happened regardless of the ice.  And the total price tag on this "largest" project is well over $70,000,000 in taxpayer funds.

We got the first report on national ALS prevalence from this "largest" project in 2014, the year of the ice, and it identified just 12,187 people living with ALS in the entire country.  It asserted prevalence based on that number.  The ALS Association concurred with the report and its assumptions and has called the CDC's Registry a resounding success.

Hold that thought.

Our information-seeking eyes moved to another drip --

The ALS Association (which serves only a subset of the total people with ALS in the United States) has personal contact with 15,000 people with ALS annually?

Whoops.  These drips certainly don't add up.

This makes the CDC's 12,187 publication look absurd.

This makes the CDC's well-paid contractor look ineffective at moving the 15,000 people it serves annually to self-enroll in the Registry.

This makes the ALS Association look complicit in promoting a project and its published data as successful and valid when it knows otherwise.

The parting drip --

It's past time to turn over some stones.

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