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Friday, May 1, 2015

These Seats Have An Obstructed View

It's just wrong.  You can't follow a game when you can't see who has the ball.  You can't figure out when to cheer or boo.  It's incredible that in this age of the taxpayer-financed sports palace that fans can be stuck with expensive seats with obstructed views.

Such is also the case with our view of the back-and-forth between Genervon and the FDA.  Who has the ball?

Are we waiting for the FDA to give Genervon something?

Are we waiting for Genervon to give the FDA something?

All we know is that the most important people in the stadium, those with ALS and their caregivers, can see time ticking off on the clock, but they can't even figure out who has the ball.  They have been assigned seats with a conveniently obstructed view.

It's just wrong.

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