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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let's Have A National Science Lesson

The ALS Association recently announced that over the years they have provided some funding for 98 research projects that are still active.

They also have what must now be close to a million #ALSicebucketchallenge investors of all ages and stations in life.  Many are even students who were drawn in with buckets of ice and now know that ALS is an unsolved medical mystery -- and what student doesn't love an unsolved mystery?

How great would it be to turn this into a national online science lesson that would stimulate interest in ALS and help all of those young and old investors be excited about their new projects?

I'll bet you could hire some high-school science teachers to write summaries of the 98 projects in language that turns on those mental light bulbs that let us understand the basics of the science.  No doubt a social media location with information and conversation could be a lively place that ignites interest and insights into ALS science and scientists.

This could be a sustainable classroom for our nation on the science of ALS.

And there's no need to dip into the research windfall to start such a thing.  This could be a winning grant request. Time to strike while the ice-bucket-challenge iron is hot and STEM education is a national priority.

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