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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Speeding Ticker Might Add An Interesting Dimension Next Year

There will be around 24 hours of scientific presentations over the next three days in the big global ALS MND symposium in Milan.

What if there were a ticker running under every Powerpoint presentation showing the names of the people who have died from ALS MND since last year's symposium presentations.

Would that be distracting?  Darned right it would be.  It should be.

So how fast would that ticker have to run?

Around 133,333 global deaths in a year / 24 hours = around 5,556 names per hour...

Around 5,556 names per hour / 60 minutes per hour / 60 seconds per minute = around 1.5 names per second.

Around 1.5 names per second moving relentlessly through all the scientific presentations and promise... That speeding ticker will be a measure that won't be pleasant to watch.  It's time we watched.

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