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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let's Hope That Some Good News Is Coming From Orlando In The Next Few Days

This week there are large, annual, international meetings of motor neuron disease (ALS) organizations in Orlando.

This is the first in ALSadvocacy's memory that the meetings have been held in the U.S.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the organization of organizations will hold internal meetings. Let's hope that the topic of sending out some global shock waves via a unified global ALS MND awareness day might cross their minds. Let's hope that those who venture over to the Disney complex will pay attention to the creativity and energy that can make an organization stand above the others. Let's hope that they're ready to try some radically new and different approaches to creating awareness of ALS. Let's hope because the status quo hasn't worked.

On Thursday, a special "Ask The Experts" forum will be held. Let's hope that some insightful questions will spur some new thinking into some new answers. Let's hope.

On Friday, a special forum for health professionals dealing with ALS will be held. Let's hope that some innovative approaches to delivering healthcare for those with ALS will be discussed. Let's hope that the American healthcare delivery system for those with ALS might learn some new concepts. Let's hope.

The culmination of the meetings will be on Saturday the 11th through Monday the 13th when the international innovators in ALS research and in dealing with ALS will give their presentations. Let's hope that something new and newsworthy is going to be revealed as a part of these presentations. Let's hope that some new clinical trial success or drug development investment will be revealed. Let's hope because we have decades of promise without deliverables.

That's a very long set of meetings and we have some hopes. Talk's cheap. Show us what you can do differently, motor neuron disease organizations, to beat this beast of a disease.

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