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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orlando Thomas - Much Younger Than A Vikings Quarterback Yet Benched By ALS

Here is some good reading for an NFL playoff weekend --

This would be an excellent couple of weeks for us to tell others about all of the NFL athletes who have been stricken with ALS. Is it an occupational hazard? Unfortunately we've not retained the data and the clues to figure it out. In any case, when an athlete gets Lou Gehrig's Disease, it gives us a tragic reminder about the rapid and difficult damage that the disease delivers every day.

Ravens and Vikings in the Superbowl would have been a great opportunity for ALS awareness since each team has a young alumnus dealing with the disease today.

Let's hope that the Vikings help the Orlando Thomas story continue in the press through Superbowl Sunday and beyond.

Here's my NFL ALS list. I'm all ears if anyone knows of others...

Eric Scroggins
O.J. Brigance
Glenn Montgomery
Pete Duranko
Peter Demmerle
Steve Smith
Tony Proudfoot (CFL)
Bob Waters
Matt Hazeltine
Gary Lewis
Orlando Thomas
Wally Hilgenberg

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