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Monday, November 2, 2009

If ALS Advocacy Had An EKG, This Is How It Would Look

This picture is from the traffic report from this website for the second half of 2009.

This site gets a nice stream of traffic that has been steady and larger than we ever expected.

See the big spike? Something interesting happened in late June. Major news outlets ran features on ALS. The buildup to July 4 and 4*ALS generated a huge amount of website traffic that found this site while looking for information on ALS.

Michael Goldsmith hit one out of the park.

p.s. Now MLB will honor him while baseball is on the big World Series stage.

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  1. There was a nice traffic spike here yesterday thanks for 4 ALS... not like June/July, but nonetheless around 10x normal traffic. At the top of the city list for visiting this site were New York and Philadelphia. Top search terms finding the site were overwhelmingly permutations of "Michael" and "Goldsmith" and "ALS."

    Thanks, MLB, for remembering an ALS advocate who should have a big 1 on his jersey.