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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can Buddy Lazier Bump Augie's Way Into The Indy 500?

This month, the Hemelgarn Johnson Motorsports entry is sporting the Augie's Quest logo on the car. Augie's quest came about through a relationship between team co-owner Ron Hemelgarn and Augie Nieto.

"Four years ago I made a commitment to Augie to help him raise funds to find a cure for ALS," said Hemelgarn. "So over the past four years we have been fortunate to raise over eighteen million dollars which has gone towards research for ALS. They have made some very good headway and still haven't found a cure but have identified the genes."

May is ALS month and the Hemelgarn Johnson Motorsports team hopes a little awareness to the race fans might help the researchers find a cure.

Buddy Lazier wasn't able to get the number 91 car into the field today, but tomorrow is bump day.  All he has to do (easy for me to say) is make that car one of the 33 fastest qualifiers and Augie's Quest will make it to the Indy 500.  This is a great opportunity for worldwide visibility.

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